Additional excursions to be paid 

1. Bus sightseeing tour on St. Petersburg

The Route:

Alexander Nevsky Lavra – Vosstaniya Square- Moscow railway station - Nevskiy prospect - the Beloselsky - Belozersky Palace - Anichkov bridge - Alexandrinsky theatre – the monument to Catherine II - Eliseevsky store - Gostiny Dvor - Arts Square - Russian Museum - the monument to Alexander. Pushkin – the Griboyedov canal embankment – the Kazan Cathedral – the Stroganov Palace – Lutheran Church of St. Peter and Paul - the Palace Square – the Winter Palace – the Hermitage – the Palace bridge – the spit of Vasilevsky island – the stock Exchange – the St. Petersburg University – Kunstkammera – the Academy of Sciences – the Menshikov Palace - the Annunciation bridge – the Rumyantsev mansion – the English embankment – the Senate square – the St. Isaac's square – the Mariinsky Palace – the St. Isaac's Cathedral – the «The bronze horseman» – the Admiralty – the Palace embankment – the Field of Mars – the Church «Savior on blood»  –the  Michael's castle – the Foundry bridge – the Peter and Paul fortress and Artillery Museum.

Tour duration is 4 hours, fee for this tour is included in the RTAC - 2016 registration fee

 2. «St. Petersburg is cultural capital of Russia»

This tour includes:

  • Bus city tour on St. Petersburg;
  • Visit of the Hermitage.
  • Visit of the St. Isaac's Cathedral;
  • Lunch at the «Gorokhov» restaurant

The tour duration is 8 hours, price is 3000* rubles.

 3.  Tour to Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhoff

This tour includes:

  • Visit of Peterhoff  (Park with fointains, one of the small palaces);
  • Visit of Pushkin (Catherine Palace and Park);
  • Visit the amber room;
  • Lunch at the «Podvorye» restaurant with the Russian national cuisine

The tour duration is 11 hours, price - 5000* rubles.

 4. Tour to Veliky Novgorod

This tour includes:

  • Visit of the Novgorod Kremlin;
  • Visit of the Museum of wooden national architecture «Vitoslavlitsy»;
  • Visit of Yaroslav's court;
  • Lunch at the «Yuryevskoye Podvorye» restaurant

The tour duration is 1 day, price is  3000* rubles.

 5. Tour to Vyborg

This tour includes:

  • Visit of Vyborg castle;
  • Sightseeing tour on Vyborg;
  • Tour on Park «Mon Repos»;
  • Lunch at the «Micro bat» restaurant
The tour duration  is 1 day, price is 2800* rubles

*The tours prices are indicated approximately and can be slightly corrected by tours organizers




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